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EUDAPA study program in FINLAND

The original French based intensive study program DEUAPA has made
transition from course taught fully in French/Italian to mixed
teaching in French/Italian and English (guaranteed by Claire Boursier
at Paris X University in Nanterre, France) to new degree European
University Diploma in Adapted Physical Activity which is based at
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences; Faculty of Physical
Activity; 19120 Vierumäki in Finland (guaranteed by Jyrki Vilhu).
GENERAL OBJECTIVES of EUDAPA are defined through competencies, skills
and attitudes the student has or will gain:
•       The student acts equal way to all people in her/his actions.
•       She/he is able to take into consideration the qualities of different
individuals when planning, organizing and carrying out sports
•       She/he wants and is able organize physical activity to different
people in inclusive settings, whenever it is possible and makes sense.
•       The student is able to adapt school curriculum in physical education
to reflect current conditions and the needs of all students with
special needs in physical education. (EIPET 2009)
•       The student is aware of the risk factors of health and physical
activity and is able to give counseling in these matters.
•       She/he is able to take into consideration factors connected to
contacts and interaction in individual and group activity.
•       She/he is familiar with special questions concerning apa
•       Through creativity she/he is able to bring new elements to adapted
physical activity – to continue adapting.
•       Step 1. 10 ects. Studies of apa at home university.
•       Step 2. 30 ects. Intensive 3 months in Finland at Haaga-Helia
University of Applied Sciences. (in English)
•       Step 3. 20 ects. Apa-related 12 week work-training in a foreign
•       The diploma is granted by the home university.
For more information, do not hesitate to contact Jyrki Vilhu


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