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Please send me ( any articles or information you would like them to appear in our
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Thank you very much for your kind attention. I am looking forward to hearing
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Best wishes,
Cindy Sit
IFAPA Newsletter

Maine Racer Breaks Barriers in High School Skiing

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What:  North American Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (NAFAPA) 2012 Conference

When:  October 11-13, 2012

Where:  Birmingham, Alabama – The 2012 NAFAPA Conference will be held near historic Birmingham, Alabama in the beautiful over-the-mountain suburb of Homewood, Alabama at Rosewood Hall ( Homewood, Alabama is home to the world renowned Lakeshore Foundation ( – a 3,000 member Olympic & Paralympic Training facility dedicated to enabling people with physical disabilities and chronic health conditions to lead healthy, active and independent lifestyles through physical activity, sport, recreation and research.

For more information, please inquire at:



Phone: (205) 313-7479
The North American Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (NAFAPA) is the North American branch of the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA). It is an international organization dedicated to the promotion, dissemination and practical application of results and findings in the field of physical activity for the benefit of populations with disabilities and/or special needs. NAFAPA has a coordinating function with international, national and regional organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, which are concerned with the scientific aspects of adapted physical activity, physical education, rehabilitation therapy, recreation, sport and leisure activities for
persons with disabilities or special needs.

ISAPA Paris Update

All abstracts accepted in NZ will automatically be accepted in Paris
if the authors come. A new call for proposals was opened for NEW
presentations up to April 10th. After discussion with our IFAPA
President we extend the deadline until April 20th.

We ask all persons who wish to participate to register online (even if
they pay later) because we implemented a special page on the website
“participants list” which is a good tool to attract sponsors. As time
is running you can understand my request! Thank you to share this
information to your contacts.

ISAPA 2011 :

ISAPA 2011 Paris Update

Dear colleagues and friends,

The International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity (ISAPA) is a vehicle to raise awareness and provide an outstanding setting for professionals to interact with world leaders and international colleagues in adapted physical activity. ISAPA 2011 was planned to be held in New Zealand. Because of the earthquake which damaged the city of Christchurch and being aware of the tremendous work the NZ organizing committee has done for more than 4 years, it was decided to relocate the ISAPA elsewhere in the world. Thanks to the strong support from the IFAPA board members, the board of directors of the French National Higher Institute for Training and Research for the Education of Young Disabled Persons and Adapted Teaching Institute (INS HEA -, the Sports Sciences Department of the University Paris West and the organizing committee of New-Zealand, it was decided to relocate the ISAPA 2011 in Paris.
We wish to keep the program as close as it was planned and all efforts will be made to welcome all participants from New Zealand, Oceania and Asia who planned to attend the Symposium in NZ. And we hope to attract many other persons from other parts of the world. We work hand in hand with the members of the NZ organizing committee and hope that ISAPA 2011 in Paris will give you all the opportunity to make an international contribution to adapted physical activity.

I have the pleasure to inform you that a new website has been implemented for ISAPA 2011

This website is still in process but you will find the main information on ISAPA 2011 which will be held in Paris from July 4th to 8th.

For any information you can write to :


Hoping that you will join ISAPA 2011, on behalf of all partners, I send you my best greetings.

Claire Boursier
IFAPA President Elect
Deputy Director of the INS HEA
58-60 avenue des landes

ISAPA 2011 France Volunteers

Please see the attached file for more information

ISAPA 2011 in PARIS July 4-8th, 2011

ISAPA in PARIS, 2011

Because of the earthquake which occurred recently, ISAPA 2011
will not be held in New-Zealand. Aware of the tremendous work done by the
organizing committee Claire Boursier President elect of IFAPA, with
the full support of all board of directors of the National Higher
Education Institute on research and formation on Handicap and Adapted
Education proposed to locate the NZ ISAPA 2011 in Paris. The program
and the dates will be the same : from July 4 to 8.

A website will be created in the upcoming days. We ask all colleagues,
students willing to participate to send an email to

Any financial support to help our colleagues from NZ will be welcome!

Claire Boursier

President Elect of IFAPA

Financial Conditions for ISAPA France

No early bid!

Professional : 350 Euros
IFAPA Professional : 280 Euros
Student : 200 Euros
IFAPA Student : 120 Euros

Student volunteers : no fee, free accommodation.
IFAPA board members : No registration fees 
Past Presidents : No registration fees
Keynote Speakers : Total funding (travel, registration, accommodation)
Members of the NZ organizing and scientific committees: No registration fees and free accommodation
Other members from NZ : No registration fees

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