ISAPA 2011 in PARIS July 4-8th, 2011

ISAPA in PARIS, 2011

Because of the earthquake which occurred recently, ISAPA 2011
will not be held in New-Zealand. Aware of the tremendous work done by the
organizing committee Claire Boursier President elect of IFAPA, with
the full support of all board of directors of the National Higher
Education Institute on research and formation on Handicap and Adapted
Education proposed to locate the NZ ISAPA 2011 in Paris. The program
and the dates will be the same : from July 4 to 8.

A website will be created in the upcoming days. We ask all colleagues,
students willing to participate to send an email to

Any financial support to help our colleagues from NZ will be welcome!

Claire Boursier

President Elect of IFAPA

Financial Conditions for ISAPA France

No early bid!

Professional : 350 Euros
IFAPA Professional : 280 Euros
Student : 200 Euros
IFAPA Student : 120 Euros

Student volunteers : no fee, free accommodation.
IFAPA board members : No registration fees 
Past Presidents : No registration fees
Keynote Speakers : Total funding (travel, registration, accommodation)
Members of the NZ organizing and scientific committees: No registration fees and free accommodation
Other members from NZ : No registration fees

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