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Erasmus Mundus Master in Adapted Physical Activity extended until 2010

Dear IFAPA Colleagues,

As first coordinator and actual Liaison Officer/Internal Coordinator of the Consortium of our succesful Erasmus Mundus Master in Adapted Physical Activity, it is my great pleasure to announce you that our Erasmus Mundus Master programme which is since 2005 organized by the universities of Leuven, Limerick, Olomouc, and Oslo, is just is selected by the European Commission  for a prolongation for a second period of 5 years  from 2010 on as a 2 year master programme.

Besides the same 4 universities also the universities of  Brisbane (Australia), Stellenbosch (South Africa), and Virginia (VS) will be part of the organizing  consortium. 
Next to them, the following 9 universities will be integrated as associate universities : Sao Paulo (Brazil), Sunshine Coast (Australia), Wingate (Israel), Michigan (US), Beijing (China), Alberta (Canada), Warsaw (Poland), Sofia (Bulgary) en Kaunas (Lithuania).

Together with our actual European universities  represented in the Leuven part of our programme of Loughborough (UK), Berlin and Dortmund (Germany), Montpellier and  Grenoble (France), Groningen (The Netherlands), Riga (Latvia), Halmstad (Sweden),  our unique programme will bring  the APA expertise together of 24 universities of the whole world.

During these next 5 years, about 200 students selected from several countries all over the world will be able to make profit of this expertise.

I invite you to cooperate with us in the next future  in any form that is appropriate for you.

Prof. Dr. H. Van Coppenolle
Liaison Officer/ Internal Coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Master in Adapted Physical  
Activity, offered by a Consortium of 4 Universities  
(Leuven-Limerick-Olomouc and Oslo) 
Coordinator European Thematic Network Ageing and Disability

EUDAPA study program in FINLAND

The original French based intensive study program DEUAPA has made
transition from course taught fully in French/Italian to mixed
teaching in French/Italian and English (guaranteed by Claire Boursier
at Paris X University in Nanterre, France) to new degree European
University Diploma in Adapted Physical Activity which is based at
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences; Faculty of Physical
Activity; 19120 Vierumäki in Finland (guaranteed by Jyrki Vilhu).
GENERAL OBJECTIVES of EUDAPA are defined through competencies, skills
and attitudes the student has or will gain:
•       The student acts equal way to all people in her/his actions.
•       She/he is able to take into consideration the qualities of different
individuals when planning, organizing and carrying out sports
•       She/he wants and is able organize physical activity to different
people in inclusive settings, whenever it is possible and makes sense.
•       The student is able to adapt school curriculum in physical education
to reflect current conditions and the needs of all students with
special needs in physical education. (EIPET 2009)
•       The student is aware of the risk factors of health and physical
activity and is able to give counseling in these matters.
•       She/he is able to take into consideration factors connected to
contacts and interaction in individual and group activity.
•       She/he is familiar with special questions concerning apa
•       Through creativity she/he is able to bring new elements to adapted
physical activity – to continue adapting.
•       Step 1. 10 ects. Studies of apa at home university.
•       Step 2. 30 ects. Intensive 3 months in Finland at Haaga-Helia
University of Applied Sciences. (in English)
•       Step 3. 20 ects. Apa-related 12 week work-training in a foreign
•       The diploma is granted by the home university.
For more information, do not hesitate to contact Jyrki Vilhu

A winter sport course in Spain

A winter sport course for professionals and volunteers organized 23-24 Nov, 2007 by Ana Alejandre de la Torre of the Department of Physical Education and Sports, University of Leon, Spain.

Erasmus Mundus Master programme Scholarship in Adapted Physical Activity

Leuven, December 7th, 2007

Dear Colleagues from outside Europe and experts in Adapted Physical Activity,

APA study programs in the USA

Chapter 4 pp.

Therapeutic recreation Programs in Universities or Colleges Academic Curriculum Directory


APA professional preparation programs in the USA


Erasmus Mundus Master in APA

The one year Erasmus Mundus Master programme in Adapted Physical Activity is offered by the consortium of 4 European universities: Leuven, Limerick, Olomouc and Oslo in cooperation with three non-E

AAPAR instructor worshops in adapted aquatics

American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation (AAPAR) workshops in adapted aquatics.


Aquaevidenc: European intensive course in adapted aquatics

An intensive course: The Evidence Base for Aquatic Therapy in Persons with Disabilities at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

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