Dribbling and changing direction in a wheelchair

The art of faking and moving with the wheelchiar while handling the ball

Rolling with a wheelchair

Recovering from falling during a wheelchair basketball game

Disabled life rolls on

A short video demonstrating movement as a key for life satisfaction

Wheelchair crash

Amazing crash during a wheelchair basketball match

Wheelchair modern dance

A short video demonstrating modern dance including a girl in a wheelchair as an active participant

Wheelchair rugby

Astonishing video demonstrating wheelchair rugby also called murder ball or quad rugby enabling athletes with upper limb impairments a synamic and aggressive team game

Wheelchair Paragliding

Amazing short video demonstrating independent paragliding while in a wheelchair

360 degree somersault in a wheelchair

Watch a video of Aaron doing a backflip somersault

Wheelchair 180 turn in the air

watch a video of Aaron's 180 degree mid-air turn on a scateboard course

Wheelchair Softball Instructions

A short video demonstrating softball in a wheelchair and its unique rules

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