Adapted Sport Games

Special Olympics Global Messenger

A Special Olympics video demonstrating the will power and excellence of the global messengers – athletes with intellectual disability who demonstrate unique presentation and communication c

Blind soccer II

National football (soccer) championship for the Blind in China

Blind soccer

Highlights From A Blind Soccer Match In Kunming China

Quad Rugby and associated training

A short demonstration of a game for people with quadriplegia and associated fitness training


A description of a new and exceiting game for wheelchair users which is a fast and fascinating combination of hockey and soccer played indoors

Autistic team manager and player in high school basketball

Amazing stroy of CBSNEWS reporter Steve Hartman about an autistic high school basketball team manager who scored 20 points in 4 minutes, shattering everybodies expectations

Inclusion of an AK amputee in soccer

Charming video of about 6 min depicting Brasilian soccer and the inclusion of a young man with AK amputation in this game


Goalball is a game for individuals with blindness or visually impairments who ware blindfolds. The game is played by 3 players in each group who play both offense and defense.

Adapted soccer

Soccer played in Africa on a soil court using crutches for mobility

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