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Jaime Kirstein

I was born in St. Albert, Alberta Canada. My father worked at the University of Alberta swimming pool, so I spent most of my early years under water. My dad likes to tell the story of how I swam my first length of the pool at the age of 2 just to prove the lifeguard wrong. 2 year olds should be allowed to swim lengths! You can ask him if that's true or not. My father also ran a program at the U of A called "Disabled Divers" which was a scuba program for people with disabilities. I grew up surrounded by very capable and strong willed people with disabilities.

Because of my dad's love for the ocean and the great outdoors, he took a teaching job at Camosun College so my family moved to Victoria, B.C. just in time for me to start the second grade. Growing up in B.C. gave me a real taste for outdoor recreation. We spent our weekends and holidays travelling up and down Vancouver Island, sailing, camping, hiking, scuba diving, surfing and playing in the ocean. By the time I was in high school, I knew I wanted to be a professor in the area of my passion, Kinesiology.

Throughout my undergrad, I concentrated my studies in the area of physiology. I graduated with a B. Sc. in Kinesiology in 2001 feeling a little overwhelmed so I decided to take some time off to travel through Central America and come home and work for awhile before figuring out where to go for my Master's. In 2004, I came to work for a company called Ex N Flex International through a family friend. Our clients were mostly people with multiple sclerosis. I was so inspired by them that I knew I wanted to do my master's thesis on physical activity interventions for people with M.S.

In my search for a place to do my master's, I found Dr. Jane Taylor at Lakehead University and she introduced me to the world of Adapted Physical Activity. With her guidance, we developed my thesis: a yoga intervention for people with multiple sclerosis. While working on my master's thesis, I also had the opportunity to work on an Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation sponsored website with Dr. Bill Montelpare of Lakehead University. This website work has lead me to my current position as the website administrator for IFAPA.

I am currently living in Victoria, B.C. and enjoying the great outdoors with my dog Woz.

If you have any problems, suggestions or website related questions, please email Jaime

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